Valhalla Woodworking
 Authentic Reproductions & New Designs Brought to Life
Valhalla has been building cabinetry and furniture for 30 years.

Builder of custom design pieces, and well-known for replacement wood parts and reproductions of vintage Hammonds and Leslies. Valhalla is the provider of wood parts to many dealers and service shops around the globe.

Valhalla production pieces have been shipped to 40+ US states, Canada, Western & Eastern Europe, Japan, South America and Australia.

Production pieces are in these market sectors:
   - Professional
   - Worship
   - Residential

Valhalla offers new designs in wood, custom work, and reproductions... and does not offer electronics, speakers, amplifiers, motors, etc.

Retail Sales and Dealer-Wholesale Arrangements
Drop shipping is available

Valhalla is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the United States

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Cell/Text (US) : 717-368-3638

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