Valhalla Woodworking
 Authentic Reproductions & New Designs Brought to Life
Clone Stands
Each stand is sized to fit the customer's keyboard. The sides fold in for transport, and fold out & lock in place for performance. Since clone keyboards tend to be smaller than a vintage organ, this design has the keyboard nest inside the stand, rather than sitting on top.

The mounting fixture can be moved up or down in 1/2" increments. The standard setting has the lower or singular manual at "B3" height.

The design provides a concealed space behind the keyboard for plugs and cables.

The stand is made of poplar hardwood and cabinet-grade birch veneer plywood. It weighs about 35 pounds or 16 kg

Clone Stands (and all poplar/birch products) are available unfinished or in one of these 9 color options. Click link on colors for close up view.

Leslie Cabinets

Most Valhalla Leslies and reproduction wood parts are modeled after the most popular cabinets :
142, 145, 147, 122, 251

Full cabinet reproductions of 142/145 and 147/122 are available in an assortment of woods, finished or unfinished.
These cabinets can have standard details, or customized.

"Roadie" cabinets with rounded corners and optional spring-loaded handles and casters are also available finished or unfinished. The boldest of this style is the Split-Cab design, where there are 2 separate mini cabs. The driver cab sits on top of the bass cab.

Specialty louvered cabinet versions of the G37 and G27 can be built.

A broad assortment of replacement parts fill out the product line, to help keep your Leslie running smooth, or to build or convert an older style cabinet.


B3, BC and C style benches are available in walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak, and birch. Standard offerings have a seat box, 3 hinges and a lid support.

Benches are available fully built, or in kit form to reduce shipping costs.

Other Parts & Pieces

  • A100 Concert Backs
  • XK3 & XK3c Leg Stands
  • Heel Rests
  • Music Rests
  • Fallboards
  • B3 Cabinet Back Panels
  • Cabinet Legs
  • Leslie Bottom Plates
  • Leslie Back Panels
  • Valhalla Turned-Leg Chop Cabinet
  • Fender Rhodes Cases
  • Leslie Vari-port Middle Back Panels
  • Music Deck Conversions to BC/B2 -> B3
  • Custom Speaker Cabinets